AQ Skin Solutions made its UK debut at the luxurious Baglioni Hotel in Kensington on 5 October 2017.

AQ Skin Solutions has its roots in California where it has gained significant popularity, especially amongst celebrities. Launching in the UK was the next logical step. AQ Skin Solutions was founded by doctor Ahmed Al-Qahtani. Its original aim was to assist the healing of wounds and scarring caused by burns, acne and surgery. It subsequently evolved into its current form of effective anti-ageing skincare products. The products are available to use at home as well as in-clinic. The science behind the anti-ageing properties of AQ Skin Solutions involves Growth Factors (communication proteins between cells e.g. it tells a stem cell to become a blood cell or a hair cell or a skin cell. It effectively differentiates between cells) which renew the skin.

Doctor Vincent Wong, who works for AQ Skin Solutions, talked us through the products on offer.


Stylish Dr Wong

Recovery Serum– contains a high concentration of Growth Factors. Used in-clinic for general skin rejuvenation and to treat acne as well as stretch marks. A derma stamp is used to inject the serum into the skin.

Active Serum- promotes the growth and renewal of skin cells.

Eye Serum– reduces dark circles and fine lines.

Lash– an at home 30-day treatment which stimulates the growth of hair follicles so that lashes can be longer. Takes about two weeks for one to start seeing results.

Hair Complex– Used in clinic alongside micro-needling to formulate hair growth.

VRS– Vaginal Rejuvenation System is used to restore moisture. It is especially useful for older women who may be menopausal (we are prone to dryness as we age).


Hair Complex and Lash 






DermaStamp (in the foreground)


The AQ Signature Facial is popular with celebrities as it delivers a beautiful red-carpet ready glow. It involves the Recovery Serum being micro needled into the skin in-clinic by an aesthetician or a doctor to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and costs between £300 to £500 depending on where one is in the country. The beauty of the AQ Signature Facial is that there is minimal trauma to the skin. Growth Factors encourage collagen and elastin in the skin which brings it to a more youthful state without the frozen look one can get from Botox. Note that the Recovery Serum can also be used with other treatments (like laser). Alternatively, it can be used post-surgery to help reduce any signs of scarring. One can use the Active Serum to enhance the results.

Pop star Sinitta was in attendance looking every bit as glamorous as she did when she graced our TV screens on The X-Factor.


AQ Skin Solutions products retail from £99 to £239 and are available here.


Dr Al-Qahtani’s book


Doctor Al-Qahtani has written a book called “Real World Skin Solutions” which can be purchased on Amazon.