I had the pleasure of attending Aenea Skin’s launch party at the glorious five-star hotel, ME London.

champsAenea Skin is a new cosmeceutical skin care line that utilises the science of epigenetics (our ability to control the ageing process). Founder Damien Zannetou, who had flown to London from a business trip in New York on the day of the launch, said that through the use of epigenetics we can alter the way in which we respond to ageing. Damien said the idea for Aenea Skin was influenced by observing his identical twin aunts who appeared to age very differently because of their lifestyle choices despite having the same genetic make-up. This inspired Damien to come up with the idea of being able to alter the ageing process through genetic-based skincare. Aenea Skin attaches epigenetics tags to stem cells in the body to regenerate and revitalise the skin for a more youthful appearance.

From Me London’s rooftop, I enjoyed amazing panoramic views of London while I delighted in sampling Aenea Skin’s four new products. They are as follows:

  • Anti-stress Superhero (which works by reducing the levels of stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol in the body);
  • Lifestyle Enhancer (a powerful skin protector which has spectacular anti-wrinkle effects);
  • Anti-Pollution Guardian (which increases the skin’s tolerance to UV light and pollution); and
  • Modern Day Shield (a one-stop skin protector with SPF 35 which works like an environmental shield).

The above products all work well under make-up, absorbing quickly for easy application and layering. They are free of synthetic colours and fragrances which, if you have sensitive skin like I do, is a God send.

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Aenea Skin very generously gifted me with a bottle of the Anti-stress Superhero serum which I have really enjoyed using. If you are green with envy at my good fortune you need not be. You can get your hands on Aenea Skin in Harrods where the products mentioned above retail for £150 each. Alternatively, they can be purchased on Aenea Skin’s website.