House of Tara International’s ‘Funke’ lipstick

Want to feel desirable? Nothing screams desirability as much as a beautiful and bold lip colour. House of Tara International’s Funke matte lipstick is a richly pigmented, dark red shade that evokes memories of a great bottle of full-bodied red wine being softly lapped up by a pair of gorgeous lips. It is a sophisticated and sultry shade that is sure to speak volumes without you having to utter a single a word. This lipstick packs a punch and is sure to turn heads wherever you go if you wear it.

Funke is encased in a chic, sleek, black bullet emblazoned with a white label that reads ‘Tara’. This lipstick needs to be in every woman’s arsenal for those days when you need to notch up your look to the next level. It will definitely make you feel like the most desirable woman on earth. Are you wondering where you can buy this beautiful lipstick? It is available online at

Go on, unleash the desirable woman in you.


House of Tara International’s ‘Funke’ lipstick